Tuesday, February 01, 2022

A Lot Of Fully Vaccinated People Are Dying

Because AMERICA there isn't one neat and clean uniform data source for everything, but Will Stancil has been going through the numbers state by state and I'll summarize by saying: conservatively, 20% of Covid deaths over the last few months were fully vaccinated (2+) people.

This is enraging a bunch of innumerate people who heard a few mathy words and think he should be focusing on the difference in mortality rates, because that's the IMPORTANT THING, and it is an important thing: get vaccinated, get boosted, the mortality rates are vastly different, especially if you get fancy and model age-adjusted mortality rates, and the way to lower your individual risk of death is to get vaccinated! Of course!

But it's also clear that the focus on mortality rates has obscured the fact that a lot of vaccinated people are still dying!

We still have an ongoing health crisis in which 500 fully vaccinated people are dying daily! Fine we don't care about the un-vaxxed, but that's more than a 9/11 every week of the people we do care about! Certainly if I'd told you in December of 2019 that a disease was coming that was going to kill FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE PER DAY (180K per year) you'd be pretty freaked out!

And "no one" seems to be aware of this! In fact people are in active denial about it! It's weird.