Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Just Incredibly Stupid people

Just a neverending series of smug sneering nonsense from the dumbest people in the world.


Can you really not think of any reason why younger people might be worried about getting seriously sick, specifically what getting sick would mean for them? Their jobs? Their families?  Are you that stupid?

You, dear readers, are not so stupid, but I'll spell it out anyway: more precarious jobs with no sick pay, lower savings levels, no health insurance, children to take care of, generally *LESS LIKELY TO BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT.*

"Younger" in this poll is people 18-49.

All of this reminds me of the Iraq war when the weight of elite opinion, all complete bonkers, was just stomping on absolutely correct things, while they were all screeching about how smart and sensible and moral they were and how their critics were all unhinged racist nutters.

"Anyone who is different than me is an irrational lunatic" is basically where we are in The Discourse at this point.