Saturday, February 26, 2022

A Uniquely Skilled Candidate

Related to this, what happens in "wave" elections, when Dems win big, is a bunch of their CopTroopCIA candidates win in swing districts (this is their only model for winning against incumbents in swing districts), become convinced of their unique political skills, spend two years being a pain in the ass and loudly proclaiming the aren't "that kind of Democrat," prevent the party from doing anything useful, and then blame The Left for doing a bad tweet for theirelectoral woes.

Now at least they mostly blame "THE SQUAD." Back in the aughts they'd run against the whole party. And, I dunno man, "The Democrats Are Filled With A Bunch Of Extremist Weirdos But I Am Not Like That - Vote Democrat!" is probably a much more damaging national message than whatever it is they're blaming The Left for.

But, sure, listen to Claire "not one of those crazy Democrats" McCaskill about how to win elections. Democrats suck, vote Democrat! Yah, sure, run with that in about 50 House districts.