Saturday, February 26, 2022

Better Hope There Isn't Another Wave

Just absurd. The CDC has joined the smartest boys on the internet in decreeing that people who wear masks are paranoid lunatics (they did not do this precisely, of course), so we can expect another couple of hundred think pieces about crazy mask wearers harshing my buzz at the Applebees, even though polls show support for indoor mask wearing mandates.

As I've long said, it's one thing to be opposed to mandates (reasonable depending on the case level), and quite another to be egging people on to rip theirs off. The people who take a little extra caution have their personal reasons, and worst case scenario they're helping to reduce spread just a little bit and no one is stopping you from going to Applebees.

Still 1900 people dying per day. That in itself doesn't imply the need for restrictions, but it does make the "pretend everything is totally normal and no one has a reason for personal caution" a bit, well, odd!

Also the "America has been destroyed by [nonexistent] lockdowns" people aren't going to stop for reasons which should be self-evident (there are no lockdowns!!!).