Saturday, February 26, 2022

Chuck Todd Will Be All Over This

CPAC coverage has long been a glaring example of asymmetric coverage by the political press. First that it gets the kind of coverage that it often does (varies a bit from year to year, depending on which major politicians show up). Second that it's always filled with absolute racist freaks, both on the stage and off, and this gets little more than a few smirks.

It was always an interesting comparison to the way lefty conferences - Yearly Kos/Netroots Nation for one, but others - were covered and largely not covered. Much less coverage, except for major politicians speaking, and not the kind of wall-to-wall CPAC commentary that happens every year. And also most of the additional coverage was nutpicking, looking for someone with an inappropriate sign or some comment about "US imperialism" to fit into the narrative of LEFTIES HATE AMERICAS. Publish article.

"Some guy with a sign" can get every reporter demanding every Democrat to denounce him, but CPAC is just there, every year, doing it's thing, and LOL isn't it cute.