Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Putin's Head

Tom Friedman has to ruin an otherwise mostly decent column with this opening.
When a major conflict like Ukraine breaks out, journalists always ask themselves: “Where should I station myself?” Kyiv? Moscow? Munich? Washington? In this case, my answer is none of these. The only place to be for understanding this war is inside Russian President Vladimir Putin’s head.
The genre of WHAT PUTIN WANTS is mostly inane, but Friedman does actually take the controversial position that he can be a Baddie and also be responding somewhat understandably, if not nicely, to provocations (once you get through the first few dumb paragraphs).

One doesn't have to agree with it - and really all of this is above my pay grade - but "Bad Guy Of The Week is an irrational genocidal madman" is usually the summary of punditry about whoever Bad Guy Of The Week is, and most other commentary gets stomped on as Stalinist Sympathizing or whatever.

At least we have The Mustache Of Understanding.

Sadly, his Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Resolution takes another hit.