Monday, February 07, 2022


"We" are having another round of, "oh no Democrats don't have a messaging apparatus like the Republicans do," and, well, let me say that this is true but also bullshit. More and bigger megaphones help, of course, but someone needs to be shouting into them.

There are a million examples, but this is the kind of thing that would have Republicans on the teevee blowing gaskets for a month. They would have been aided by the general conservative propaganda machine and your favorite newspapers which absolutely love to be used by it, but the starting place is a bunch of Democrats blowing their gaskets publicly.

RICHMOND — Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s campaign lashed out at a high school student as well as Democrat Ralph Northam on Twitter this weekend, tweeting out the teen’s name and photo after the boy shared a news story about part of the Executive Mansion where enslaved workers once lived.
More generally, use and support the available messaging outlets you have. I'm not going to claim this is BLOGS LIKE THIS ONE now, but it once was, and the Professional Democrat response was mostly to raise a bunch of money from donors, spend an absurd amount of money on "websites they could control" while enriching the usual middlemen, and then letting it all fade away.