Saturday, February 12, 2022

The Nerds Won

I probably see a few too many things through this lens, but I often think about the movie The Revenge of the Nerds, the inspiring tale about the smart good guy underdog nerds who take on the evil jocks and beat them at their own game, even getting the pretty girl, proving the superiority of their intelligence as their good triumphs over evil.

But the 80s were a fucked up time. And, AKSHUALLY, the nerd who gets the girl is a rapist. The nerds aren't really better than the jocks, or even especially smart, they just think they deserve to have what they think the jocks have. They do their own "panty raid" as if this is something they should be entitled to do. They aren't really any more tolerant, they just are forced to be by circumstances. It isn't clear that the jocks are all that bad, really, just your basic jerks. We don't see any of them commit rape, at least!

Probably what regularly reminds me of this is whenever there's some online NERDRAGE about their favorite comic book movie not getting the respect it deserves, or if another person of color is cast in Star Wars. But other things too.

(typos fixed, hopefully, never post and run)