Saturday, February 12, 2022

Two Years On

Every day some elite publication has a piece chastising people for not wanting to GET BACK TO NORMAL or whatever, and I'm sorry that you're two years older and things are different after a life-altering plague, but that's how things work. Also, maybe people just aren't inviting you to their parties because you're an insufferable dweeb.

I'm not representative of anything, but my life is different now in part because I developed new habits during covid that wouldn't suddenly snap back if covid disappeared tomorrow. I go out to eat less (but I still do!) I go to events like concerts less often (but I still do!). I do a lot more "fun outdoor activities like hiking" than I did before. A bit of that is Omicron-related, but some of it really is just that if Covid had a personal silver lining, it's that it forced me to find some different things to keep me busy.

Expecting everything to snap back instantly, especially but not solely when the daily death toll is this high, is actually crazy thinking. You're 20 now, you can't keep hanging around the high school, loser.