Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Catapult The Copaganda

Sadly, wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age (I blame the lead), but I certainly feel like I understand some things a lot better than I used to. One of those things is the impossible position that people of color are in if they try to make careers for themselves in major mainstream media outlets.

Places which regularly run with unexamined racist copaganda. Places which let their white colleagues say whatever they want on social media and other off-the-printed-page outlets, but where they are silenced because of the taboo against being black in public. Where upper class whiteness is objectivity defined, and everything else deviant bias.

When the New York Times ran their Tom Cotton "send in the guard to kill all the black people" opinion piece, there was a small revolt at the Times. Bari Weiss was trying get herself fired by live tweeting the staff zoom meeting, by accounts just lying about it, portraying the whole thing as a battle between The Wokes (black people) and the Real Journalists (old white people). Other journalists said she was full of it, but Bari's description certainly had some support from the older NYTer generation. Some creepy old retired guys, at least.

How can you possibly exist in an environment like that?

Re: Adams, a corrupt African-American ex-cop asshole is the absolutely *perfect* guy for them, for so many reasons. They'll boost him on the way up, and cheer when he goes down.