Friday, March 11, 2022

Don't See How Donnie Two Scoops Wriggles Out Of This One

We'll see!
The likelihood of a criminal investigation and charges against Donald Trump are rising due to allegations by a House panel of a “criminal conspiracy” involving his aggressive drive to overturn the 2020 election results, coupled with a justice department (DoJ) inquiry of a “false electors” scheme Trump loyalists devised to block Joe Biden’s election.

Former federal prosecutors say evidence is mounting of criminal conduct by Trump that may yield charges against the ex- president for obstructing an official proceeding of Congress on 6 January or defrauding the US government, stemming from his weeks-long drive with top allies to thwart Biden’s election by pushing false claims of fraud.

That all laws written to possibly nab rich white people include the provision, "in order to prove guilt, we must have something along the lines of a handwritten note saying, 'I am doing this crime, I know it is a crime, in specific violation of Federal Crime Code 23.1, subsection b, and being of sound mind and body, I am doing this crime because I do love crime'" is a problem!