Friday, March 11, 2022

The Best Of All Possible Worlds

A problem is that Democrats think they can avoid "the culture war" as if most things under the culture war umbrella aren't actually the most important domestic policy issues, and not the "distractions" people in the media like to make them out to be.

Distractions are when they try to imprison you for getting needed medical care for you and your children. Vital Serious Policy Issues are when they cap my property tax deduction.

People who have terminal cable news brain should understand that politics is a story with heroes and villains, and nobody wants to listen to the nerd talking about expanded nonrefundable tax credits.

Villains are the weird perverts wanting to inspect the genitals of your kids.

As with so many other things, if you want to know what struggles parents are facing, don't listen to the punditry of Ivy League Grads who went to Choate channeling the views of right wing operatives in wealthy Virginia school districts. Maybe listen to teachers, not the people paid to demonize them.