Monday, April 11, 2022

I Haz A Thought

...(ugh he deleted the original tweet, which is not captured here, but it's basically as I describe below, suggesting that 'The Left' needs to throw away all of its priorities to please the MAGAs, but after about 300 people asking him to specify, ... nothing)

Someone comes up with this brilliant insight every month or so, like Mr. Princeton Professor Guy here, and thinks it's incredibly original instead of what every highly paid Democratic consultant and pundit says constantly, and never actually specifies what they mean (get more racist, stop caring about abortion, and spend more time discussing how LGBT people are filthy groomers is probably what he means, but he won't say!).

Have we tried getting more racist, say the people who pushed Ferraro on Mondale and then blamed his loss for him being TOO LIBERAL.

Dukakis was also too liberal, as soon as he won the nomination, though 5 seconds previously he was the sensible moderate choice.

Meanwhile Biden approval numbers are plummeting among younger (which means like under 40 now, hilariously) people and nobody has any idea how that is happening.

We can all get behind making tenure protections illegal, I think.

You can choose your own villains, but Biden's numbers started to tank when the reconciliation bill started to flounder and they increasingly started obeying the centrist pundits on a variety of issues (getting rid of covid restrictions, screaming FUND THE POLICE every five seconds, etc.). Now I have no idea how to fix that, and don't claim I have all the answers generally, but I do think the evidence for BLAMING THE LEFT for the decline and GOTTA GET MORE RACIST as the necessary response is a bit limited.

A lot of politics really does boil down to, "is that guy on my side," and constantly trying to side with the other team, especially when the other team is filled with genocidal monsters, doesn't seem to me, a dumb blogger, to be a particularly helpful strategy.