Monday, April 04, 2022

I've Got A Story, And I'm Going To Tell It

Not that anyone asks anymore, but I became very hesitant about talking to big publication journalists after too many conversations where the story was already written and they were just looking for, and pushing for, the right quote to slot into the story. Usually for less important stuff than this!  Maybe authorities in some countries in Africa (which is a very big continent made up of many different countries) just knew what they were doing! Nah, can't be.

There's also been a series of NYT articles about the Asian response which have focused on THE HORRIBLE COST of saving millions of lives, never understanding that "draconian" mitigation efforts are also accompanied by normal life because that's how it works.  You can't have normal with a lot of sick people!  Successful mitigation and isolation can reduce the number of sick people!

(no country has handled everything perfectly and every approach has its costs and imperfections, but 'despite our horrible death toll, everyone else must be doing it wrong' has been a running theme)