Monday, April 04, 2022

Living With Covid

This is UK/Yurp but it shows the problems with the "living with Covid" plan being, essentially, pretend Covid isn't happening (which is the UK plan at the moment). You can remove/reduce testing and self-isolation requirements, but that doesn't stop people from getting sick, and if people get sick, they can't staff your flight to Ibiza.
EasyJet cancelled more than 200 flights over the weekend with disruption expected to last into this week, leaving some passengers stranded amid travel chaos at some of Britain’s biggest airports.

The airline blamed the problems on high levels of sickness among employees caused by Covid, with at least 222 trips axed since Friday.

Mitigation will affect the normal operation of society, but so will "no mitigation," and there has long been a failure to acknowledge this for anything except hospital capacity. See, for example, the recent failure to comprehend that opening schools isn't an option if half your teachers are sick.