Monday, April 04, 2022

This Is Fine

The obsession with whether Jackson can get BIPARTISAN SUPPORT or not, like most other similar obsessions, is just dumb. In a non-deranged system of government, it's understood that the point of the opposition party is to oppose. They should be able to vote against a Supremo nominee simply to state, "this would not be my choice."

That our system gives the minority party way too much opportunity to obstruct things, and particularly the Advise and Consent function of the Senate gives the majority party in the Senate the ability to absolutely obstruct the presidency if they are of a different party, is a problem! If Republicans controlled the Senate now, for example. 

The traditional solution to that problem is, basically, a few senators of that party have to not be complete assholes and understand that the president should mostly get the nominees they choose.

But otherwise, let them oppose! Let them vote against everything! Let them proclaim loudly and proudly that these laws are not what they would vote for and these people are not who they would support. That's all great!

Journalists should also stop pretending Republicans can somehow be won over, stop making that the narrative arc of every nomination, because they probably can't be and it doesn't matter anyway.