Monday, April 04, 2022

Some Voters

(accidentally had scheduled this back in time for yesterday morning earlier, one day blogger will fix its scheduled post quirk)

Not that I have any interest in "defending" Madison Cawthorn, but this piece in the NYT is just trying to set up his primary defeat based on nothing. One of those "pick a narrative and slot whatever you can find into it" pieces. 
House Republicans Tire of Madison Cawthorn’s Antics. Some in His District Have, Too. For Mr. Cawthorn, a pro-Trump North Carolina congressman, youthful brashness that helped him win his seat now strikes some voters as recklessness.
That's the subhead but the article doesn't offer anything more solid than this.
An internal poll of likely Republican voters this month for a Cawthorn rival showed the congressman leading the field with 52 percent and 17 percent undecided. “Cawthorn is right on the bubble of the 50 percent mark; incumbents who slip below that during the campaign are in danger,’’ wrote Glen Bolger, a top Republican pollster who conducted the poll.
He only needs 30% to win this primary without a runoff, so with him over 50 and with 8 candidates, he's likely to win!

"House Republicans a little mad, incumbent still likely to win" is the story here, but Trip Gabriel III is a regular "create my own narrative, call it objective journalism" guy. The Styles section was his earlier haunt.  That isn't a joke.

Again, I don't care about Cawthorn, obviously, but they write these types of pieces about lefties all the time. Here's one about Philly DA Krasner, who went on to win his primary with 67% of the vote (and the election with 69%).  The Krasner story was always just, "cops are mad but he's going to win easily."  But they won't do that.