Wednesday, May 18, 2022

And In PA

I'm not a giant Fetterman booster. If I was invested I would have supported Kenyatta. But the hilarious spectacle of The Dem Powers That Be rallying against him, despite his popularity and despite the fact that they always say that they want "Fetterman" says a lot. They always support "Lamb" when the time comes.

I think electability arguments are always dumb and the people who make them support the same type of candidates who regularly get squashed, but Fetterman really is the type of candidate who can get the weirdo occasional and "swing" voters. Not, as the 7 figure consultants claim, the CopTroopCIA candidates. The CopTroopCIA candidates do fund their yachts, of course.

Almost all the old schools powers that be (pols and institutions) endorsed Lamb and Fetterman won every county.

The MAGA insurrectionist, Mastriano, will be the GOP candidate for governor, and the GOP senate candidate is too close to call! 

 Shapiro (the Dem candidate for governor) had better know what he is doing! I don't mean this is true of him (I don't know), but sometimes it seems that candidates don't quite understand the responsibility they have to win. It ain't just about them. Important race!