Friday, May 20, 2022

How Dare You Accuse Me Of Being Human

Vagueblogging a bit, but people in certain professions do bristle when you suggest that they, like everybody else on the planet, might react a bit to financial incentives. Economists are the funniest about this, as it's their whole thing for everybody else, but to suggest a bit of cash dangling in front of their face might affect what they do is a slander most vile.

It isn't even about corruption, just, like, of course you gotta do what the boss wants. Of course you make some choices that aren't perfectly pure. Of course you choose this topic instead of that topic, of course you want to be successful and that perceived path to success impacts what you do. Of course you know some topics/results are more likely to be published in top journals.

I was actually more thinking of people in journalism (broadly defined), but economists are a good example, also, too.