Monday, May 16, 2022

Nothing We Can Do

"Shit, we have a problem, how can we solve this," should be the priority reaction for a competent White House, not a wave towards the golden book of excuses.

And, no, it's not always about politics or getting credit or whether you get blamed (or not) for things undeservedly. If the Excecutive has any purpose at the moment, it's mobililzing the resources and power of the state to feed babies.* Or similar.

*I have not followed this particular issue closely and claim no insight, other than, "however this happened, maybe somebody sould do something, and that somebody is us" is the right response from the people in charge. And when the guy in charge of making things happen instead spends his time texting his favorite journalists about how there's nothing to be done, find the guy who has a different attitude.

Life under communism is as bad as they said!