Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Rolling Coal

They've always tried to fancy it up by wheeling people like Buckley out to fake being smart, but "owning the libs" and "absolute deep disgust at the existence of other people who are in any way different" have been the prime motivators of conservatism and glibertarianism.  Owning the libs by spewing toxic fumes out every time a Prius drives by was a pretty good manifestation of this.

It's like people who get enraged by vegetarians simply for existing, when they are making absolutely no demands of anyone else either to match them or cater to their needs.   

More extreme and more obvious manifestation of this is the basic revulsion of white American conservatives at minorities, but really it's absolutely everything.

Internet glibertarians were a big thing in the early aughts and I quickly came to understand that their FREEDOM, even the bits that didn't mean "freedom to contract oneself into slavery" or "freedom from statutory rape laws," just meant "FREE TO BE JUST LIKE ME."  No celebration of the possibilities of freedom, just a narcissistic tribute to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Even the existence electric trucks is an assault on my freedom to not live in a world with electric trucks. Suck it, woke trucks.