Wednesday, May 04, 2022


An often mocked word, but it is crucial in maintaining the integrity of a diverse coalition, and the last 4 years have seen, in various guises, a lot of blame-the-victim attempts to divide the general left of center coalition. Basically, minority concerns are not the concerns of the majority, therefore they should be ignored if not outright scorned (popularism!).

The project to eject pieces of the coalition while simultaneously arguing that those pieces are in fact to blame has been enraging to watch.  As with most things, the impact of this blog is usually tiny and I am unimportant, but part of the project I have long tried to be part of, in my own little way, is to knit that coalition together, and the people taking a sledgehammer to it do not, actually, have the best interests of The Left or even the Democratic party in mind.  That is not what they are paid for.