Thursday, June 30, 2022

Emphasis Changes

I've posted this type of thing before and it makes some people mad because they think I am saying something I am not (often, if not always, the fault of the writer). But, really, in general, one cannot expect people who are 70+ to precisely share the priorities of people who are likely to be involved with pregnancy and related issues.

I'm not erasing the existence of people who have spent their entire lives focused on certain causes, and have not wavered a bit with age. I'm also not saying that people don't/can't care at all!

But, look, people who become wealthy eventually shed the anxiety of living paycheck to paycheck, and people who can't get pregnant aren't going to have quite the existential dread as people who are 25 now.

Great grandma and grandpa generally aren't completely in tune with the troubles facing The Kids Today even if they care about them. This shouldn't be controversial.

Yes, this applies to me, too, both as a man specifically and a man ageing out of being likely to be involved with a pregnancy.