Thursday, June 30, 2022

Grand Bargaining

One thing various commenters assured us for years was that a "bargain" existed on abortion, that liberals were the intransigent party refusing this bargain, and once a bargain could be agreed to we could put the issue to rest forever and reduce politics to talking about tax policy or whatever all the male big brains wanted. 

Another claim made, though by fewer, was that getting rid of Roe and sending it back to the states would also somehow reduce the salience of abortion in politics (this was the key thing, THEY JUST WANTED PEOPLE TO STOP TALKING ABOUT IT). As if it wouldn't make it be the top issue 50 times over instead of "just" federally.

The reality is, as hopefully more people are becoming aware (though many are in denial, real or pretend), without "Roe" or similar, it's going to be all "we" are talking about until the end of time. Only "crazy" people correctly pointed out that they'd be restricting travel by pregnant women (which means all women) and worse. 

Alito's going to kill a lot of women, and at least some of those will make the news. About 43,000 ectopic pregnancies per year, and as I keep saying, that's only the most obvious issue. In these states, lots of medical care for women will be on hold at least until the machine that goes PING stops pinging.