Wednesday, July 13, 2022

A Country of 330 Million

"A 10-year-old girl being raped and impregnanted" can be both a rare event and a daily event. ...More:
Kessler doesn’t go into why a doctor who performs abortions might have professional, non-nefarious reasons for declining to share the names of her colleagues — presumably a staffer or volunteer at the clinic where she works — or why she might be loath to (slash legally prohibited from, due to privacy laws) providing details like the name and address of her patient who was raped to a national newspaper.

“An abortion by a 10-year-old is pretty rare,” Kessler notes. (That “by.”) “The Columbus Dispatch reported that in 2020, 52 people under the age of 15 received an abortion in Ohio.” But if 52 under-15-year-olds got abortions in Ohio in 2020, that’s one a week, not that rare — and that’s just abortions that were reported, during a pandemic when a lot of abortion clinics were closed.