Thursday, July 14, 2022

Check The Kitchen Counters

One problem with influential guy like Glenn Kessler - his awarding of Jiminies for things that don't vibe right with him let politicians and other journalists declare them LIES - is that he's really fucking dumb.
An abortion of a 10-year-old is pretty rare. The Columbus Dispatch reported that in 2020, 52 people under the age of 15 received an abortion in Ohio.
He wrote this in his piece suggesting the story was bullshit because nuh-uh reasons.

It's RARE. Yes, so in one state, Ohio, that means that when it was legal one under 15 girl received an abortion every week.

Minor rape victims are going to be unable to get abortions daily. Women are going to die daily. This is what the laws are for! The Right is going to try to Raise Questions about every single one, go after the doctors, smear the journalists, and guys like Kessler are going to promote them every time because they want to drive this all underground and not let people know what they have done.

Monsters who are cowards and their enablers.