Saturday, July 23, 2022

They're Coming For It All

The Sensible commentariat/journalists are still mostly not confronting the realities of our post-Roe world*, and they're going to downplay all threats to LGBT rights until they're yesterday's news.

Lots of talk about the Laboratories of Democracy, but important to remember that DOMA is still on the books, given that laws can flicker in and out depending on the whims of Bart.

*There is almost always good reporting and good reporters but as I have always said there is a difference between "the news" and "talking about the news" and what good reporters do often lands and disappears because it doesn't get integrated into "news analysis" and the political reporting which increasingly gets "front page" treatment. They pretend otherwise, but supposedly objective news coverage is increasingly explicitly (not even disguised) "opinion" ("analysis," "political journalism," the awful "newsletter" slants, their tweets, the supposedly neutral reporters going on teevee to shape coverage).