Saturday, July 23, 2022



Usually the morning after a big deadline, we tell you that we blew past our goal.

But this is not one of those posts.

Unfortunately, we fell short last night.

This threatens our ability to call people wankers.

This threatens our ability to explain why Tom Friedman is the most ridiculous man in America.

And this threatens our ability to defeat The New York Times' dangerous Sensibles.

This situation is dire -- which is why we’re extending the 300%-MATCH for the first $30,000 we receive to help fix this.

This is the most urgent request we’ve ever made of you. We’re not too proud to beg -- this is too important. 

Will you please rush $20 before midnight to close our budget gap and save this mighty Blog!
In case it isn't obvious this is a slightly edited DCCC fundraising email (there is no 300% match here at Eschaton World Industries, nor, really, at the DCCC), and it is very depressing that these things look practically indistinguishable from Trump fundraising emails.

But give me all your money to save America!!!!!!!!


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Thanks to all!!!