Monday, August 08, 2022

Decades Of Abortion "Discourse" All Garbage

Very rarely did the basic point that "if you ban abortion you make it impossible for women to receive necessary medical care" make it into the thumbsucking pieces about Compromise and Deeply Held Beliefs and Commonsense Restrictions and Roe Was Poorly Decided and Turning The Temperature Down and blahblahblah.
Medicines that treat conditions from cancer to autoimmune diseases to ulcers can also end a pregnancy or cause birth defects. As a result, doctors and pharmacists in more than a dozen states with strict abortion restrictions must suddenly navigate whether and when to order such drugs because they could be held criminally liable and lose their licenses for prescribing some of them to pregnant women.

Even if they can show their patients suffer from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, some doctors worry they could be prosecuted for prescribing such drugs to a patient with an unintended pregnancy. Such patients are also at greater risk because they can no longer seek abortions in their home states should they accidentally become pregnant while taking such drugs — no matter how grievous the injuries to the developing fetus.
If I had an intern (who would be very well paid, according to the strict ethical guidelines of Eschaton World Industries), I'd make them go through the past 20 years of, say, New York Times abortion opinion pieces and see how often this basic (obvious) issue was raised.