Sunday, August 28, 2022


Being on THE LEFT, I'm used to being told my favorite policies are less popular than dog shit on your shoe, so I actually pay pretty close attention to certain issue polls, and how they're reported.

One I've always paid attention to is abortion, because it's, you know, important, and because the political coverage was long dominated by bullshit that obscured the reality of the issue as well as public opinionin the face of decades of that bullshit.

The short version is that while if you gave people ways to express their "discomfort" with abortion in the poll questions, they would, in that they'd express support for various types of restrictions. But the tell was that, when asked, opinion was always against prosecuting people (either doctors or people having abortions). "Bans" without any legal backing aren't really bans, just sermons.

The post-Dobbs world is a nightmare and people will hate it more and more. There are definitely Dems - electeds, consultants - who are desperate to go squishy on it, even though so far, not so bad!

The team that rarely fails to miss an opportunity hopefully fails this time!