Sunday, August 28, 2022


You almost never see pundits and political reporters consider the possibility that any "disapproval" that shows up in polls (on politicians, on their policies) about democrats comes from disgruntled people on the left and not CENTRISTS being mad that Chairman Biden has gone full communism. This poll touted by Ron Klain shows modest support for the IRA and for debt relief. This other poll suggests much greater support for the concept of student debt relief generally, with a lot of people annoyed that Biden didn't do more (though the writeup confuses this point).
Voters are split when it comes to both policies. When asked about their support for loan forgiveness, 36% think the $10,000 cancellation is too much action, 35% think it is just the right amount of action, and 30% think it is not enough, the poll says.
The model in the minds of political reporters, especially when covering Democrats, is always "politicians battling for the center" and approval/disapproval is seen as a measure of how those voters are swayed.