Monday, September 12, 2022

Debate Me, You Cowards

There's another dumb piece in the prominent outlet for dumb pieces about how university life should be a nonstop hellscape of DEBATE ME, YOU COWARDS, and snowflake liberals REFUSE to listen to me shouting racisms at them while they're trying to sleep.

The Atlantic gets a lot of money (or did, at least, don't know if they still do) to run this neverending series. It is important to acknowledge that, because people who love to talk about the Purity Of The Essences Of Journalism also like to pretend Nobody Tells Them What To Write which is ridiculous. That Koch money tells you what to write.

These pieces are all ridiculous for the reasons people point out every time, but I'll add my little bit: if you have a prominent outlet in 2022 and you survey what's happening in America related to speech issues and your conclusion is "the Oberlin student council is too intolerant," then your agenda is not what you claim it is and none of us are obligated to pretend you are a good faith actor.

Insisting we pretend liars are good faith actors is, of course, very important to the DEBATE ME, YOU COWARDS crowd. The appropriate response is "fuck you, no, you liars."