Monday, September 12, 2022


For various reasons people get mad when you say things like this - have to stay and fight, it just punishes the people that stay behind, most people (true) can't easily do it - but living in a state where you can't get treated for cancer until it's too late is not something people should willingly embrace!
And in Texas, oncologists say they now wait for pregnant women with cancer to get sicker before they treat them, because the standard of care would be to abort the fetus rather than allow treatments that damage it, but a state law allows abortion only “at risk of death.” Some hospitals have established committees to evaluate whether a pregnancy complication is severe enough to justify an abortion.
Decades of Very Serious Pundit Discourse about abortion, and somehow these inevitabilities (almost?) never made it into print. All Grand Compromises and Let The States Decide. Congrats, this is it.