Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Mr. Male Centrist Pundit, Sir, Your Wife Isn't Quite Dying Enough Yet

I try to resist wishing bad things on people, though I fail more and more with age*, but it seems our largely empathy-less pundit class needs things to happen to them, personally, before an abstract problem becomes a real one. 

One thing I have long said is that contrary to the long perpetuated myth, "rich ladies" won't actually be able to buy themselves out of abortion restrictions. Possibly fatal pre-eclampsia (for example) doesn't hit until about 20 weeks, at which point Lindsey Graham won't let you have any medical care.

This has never been just about flying your daughter to a pro-choice state to take care of a little problem. Abortion is medical care, and all women are considered "pre-pregnant" at all times, except when they're pregnant.

*I don't think it's that I've become crueler with age, more that I see that there's plenty of bad shit happening all the time, and it wouldn't be the worst thing if it was redistributed a bit.