Friday, September 30, 2022

Stunning Twist

I'd like to say this tragedy is the ultimate representation of current American policing practices, and the way our news media reports on them, but I'm sure it'll be exceeded by tomorrow.
Anthony John Graziano, a fugitive who had been wanted in the death of the teen's mother, and his daughter were killed were killed Tuesday in a shootout with deputies on the 15 Freeway in Hesperia after a 45-mile chase. Shots were fired at the officers from the pickup truck as it was being chased.

Once it came to a stop, the girl, wearing a tactical helmet and vest, got out and ran toward deputies amid a hail of gunfire, police said. Authorities are investigating whether she was shot by deputies or her father, or both.
"Everyone" knows precisely what happened here. The girl got out of the car, made a run to the cops, made a run to "safety."  Maybe the Dad even told her to do it, knowing it was over for him. Then they sent approximately 12,000 bullets in her direction and started making up things to tell the press. Who wrote it down.