Friday, October 21, 2022

How Could They Have Done This

UK political journalists and pundits have spent the last several weeks blaming the Tory party membership for choosing Liz Truss. They're all quite convinced that the problem is that the members (people who pay 25 pounds per year, basically) have a say (they began this with Corbyn), and that We Wouldn't Be Having All Of These Problems if not for the interference of the masses.

They think the Tory MPs should have the only say.

Of course the Tory MPs chose Boris in 2019 (technically the members had the final say, but he was the majority choice of the MPs - the members just blessed their decision). The last selection process involved the MPs whittling it down to the top 2, and they were Sunak and Truss. The members then chose Truss, largely because the Daily Mail spent several weeks advocating for her, including pushing some pretty suspicious (likely bullshit) polls.

My point is that "the members" aren't to blame. It's their pals the Tory MPs and their pals who work for the Mail (I don't mean the Mail has mind control powers of the membership, but if they'd gone the other way Sunak would have won).

A new selection process limits the likelihood of the membership having much say even more, and there's still a decent chance Boris Johnson will return!

They'll still blame "the members," because they can't blame the people who were at the same college at Oxford as they were.