Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Of Course They Support Walker

I find it weird that commenters expect movement conservatives to back away from Walker due to the "paid for an abortion" allegations (or numerous other things). "This asshole might vote for Mitch for majority leader, and that's all that really matters, and if you are a Republican you should vote for him" is not actually an unreasonable position. I'd vote for complete assholes with a D after their names for Senate without much of a thought.

I can (barely) imagine voting for a Republican governor over some despicable Democrat. An executive has a lot of power and state/local politics don't always neatly dovetail with national politics. A competent not completely evil Republican governor certainly could be superior to an incompetent corrupt Democrat. Senator? Any asshole who votes the right way is fine.

Walker continues to chip away at brand "family values," that's the worst price they'll pay for him, but he is hardly the first to do that. Less their brand than it used to be, but it's hard to completely nudge reporters off that script.  Few of them really care about the things they claim to care about - and none of them really believe abortion is murder as they love to say - but that's a slightly different issue.

Not even Newt could nudge them off script, but of course not, because they covered for him, were on board with his agenda, and he was an excellent source.