Monday, October 03, 2022

Old Farts

Thought Eric Idle said this well and as diplomatically as possible.
What does he think when he hears Cleese claiming that comedians are no longer free to make jokes without fear of being cancelled? “He’s who he is now. The thing I try to remember is the good times when we were young and funny. And we are no longer those people or speaking to today’s generation. We’re old farts. We should be left to go quietly to bed and watch the telly.” He giggles.
Pythons managed to remain "cool" for quite a long time, and a couple poorly landed jokes and some feedback from the masses turned Cleese into an "anti-woke warrior" like every other ageing grump.

A bit unrealistic to be in your 80s and imagine The Kids Today will still find your act funny, let alone cool.