Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Parking Math

I do wish more people would actually think about urban parking for a minute when they're busy getting mad about the lack of on street parking. When urban storefronts are maybe (often not) 2 parking spots wide, and there's a block filled with storefronts, just how many people can park there? And how much will removing a few of spots for bike parking, or an improved pedestrian crosswalk, or streeteries really impact "your" ability to park nearby. Not at all, really. You weren't going to be able to, anyway.
Now, the economic impact of the initiative is being measured for the first time in a new city report that finds that restaurants and bars on the most successful Open Streets reported stronger sales than those on similar commercial streets with car traffic — and in some cases, did better than they did before the pandemic.
New York City, as everywhere, has the enraged parking people who see every lost parking spot as a threat to their existence. Don't listen to them.