Monday, October 24, 2022

Queer as Folk

Pamela Paul (no link, you can find it yourself), who went from being Mrs. Bret Stephens to running the New York Times Book Review to revealing herself to be a horribly ignorant conservative reactionary as an NYT columnist, is mad because people are forcing her to use the word Queer which is a very new thing and it makes her very very mad because "gay" is a perfectly good and happy word and why do activists keep shoving queer down her throat?

She had Fax her column in from Cancelled Island for not wanting to use queer!!!

It's historically ridiculous (and ridiculous anyway) and more importantly it's a page pulled right from the "Gender Critical" TERFs who obviously populate her group chats and email lists.

The point, basically, is gay people are fine because of course we are accepting of gay people, at least the nice normal ones, but don't force me to tolerate those other fucking gross weirdos. If you do, I might stop tolerating the "normal" ones, too!!!!

Endless examples to make a point that shouldn't need to be made, but Mike's book - partly about reclaiming 'Queer' - came out almost 20 years ago.