Monday, October 24, 2022

Whether It Matters If Journalists Are Imprisoned And Repeatedly Raped Depends On Who You Talk To

Not my job as an objective journalist to have an opinion, really.
Of course, just what is threatening democracy depends on who you talk to. Many Republicans are just as frustrated, convinced that the threat stems from liberal teachers, professors or media personalities who they fear are indoctrinating their children; undocumented immigrants given a path to citizenship; or Democrats widening access to voting so much that they are inviting fraud.
Objectitudinal journalist Jonathan Weisman.

I'm sure the New York Defense Force will argue he's just expressing their views, but which views get simply stated without rebuttal and which ones don't involves a set of choices.

I stopped even arguing this stuff, because political journalists aren't dumb, they're aware of all of this, they have heard these arguments, and they prefer to pretend their critics are saying unreasonable things because they are, mostly, bad faith actors.

It sucks that political journalists are tarnishing the brand of journalism, but I can't fight that fight for you, good journalists.