Monday, October 31, 2022

Quiet Quitting

The police reputation of actually solving crimes that don't happen right in front of their faces (or that they don't instigate) has been a bit overblown to say the least, but "everybody knows" since 2020 that cops nationally have basically stopped doing their jobs at all because they got their feefees hurt. This piece is better than most.
In Portland, Ore., vehicle thefts have soared, and the police say they are focused on other crimes. Now victims are helping each other track down their own cars.
In that subhed we have the rare "police say" rather than an assertion of fact.

In Portland, the brazenness of the crimes, inattention from the police and desperation of residents who suddenly find themselves missing one of their most valuable possessions have led many to take matters into their own hands.
Doesn't ever come out and say it, but at least a bit of reporter skepticism towards the basic police line of, "WE ARE SO BUSY BATTLING ANTIFA AND BEING HOSPITALIZED FROM RAINBOW FENTANYL EXPOSURE THAT WE CAN'T POSSIBLE SOLVE NON-IMAGINARY CRIMES."