Saturday, October 29, 2022

Tech Bros And Pundits And Donald Trump Have A Lot In Common

NYT did a big splash with Bretbug dishonestly claiming he was a climate change "agnostic" previously (he was a flat out climate change denier, his editors don't care if he lies), but after an all expenses paid trip to Greenland he's a believer. Still we shouldn't do anything about it because "markets" will fix it.

Just a ridiculous person at a ridiculous newspaper. Celebrate my wrongness! Celebrate this guy we hired despite his wrongness! Celebrate his intellectual journey from being completely wrong to mostly wrong! Let our elite pundits just lie to our readers! It's just like, opinion, man. Buy a newspaper, for democracy!

The common theme is, I am an expert in this thing I have spent 10 minutes thinking about, and if I ever change my mind, I was right to be wrong and you were wrong to be right. My vibes are perfect, they provide the answers to every question.

Also lying is okay, if the right people are doing it.