Thursday, October 13, 2022

Tweets From 2021

It isn't unknown or in dispute what Alex Jones did to those parents.  Our "objective" journalists pretend they don't take sides in such things, but you can see how certain people get "monstered" for their associations, even tenuous ones.  And this is an endorsement, not merely an association.

The New York Times can run 15 articles about this tweet, or none, and that's a news judgment. The New York Times (for example) matters for a Senate race in Ohio because they set the agenda for a lot of coverage.

I learned this back during the Iraq war protests.  Half the articles were about supposedly dodgy links of organizations no one had ever heard of who added their names (along with numerous other organizations) to parade permit applications.  Did reporters (cough, Michelle Goldberg, cough)  really think tens of thousands of people were there to show support for ANSWER or were they trying to stop a fucking war? 

Pretending not to see where power lies is another common trick.

They can choose to make something look bad even when there's no "there" there, and they can choose to ignore something or transmute shit into gold when they want to do that, too.

Of course, a lot of political reporters probably do think Alex Jones and Rachel Maddow are basically the same.