Wednesday, November 16, 2022

It's Up To Republicans And The Press

I know nothing is up to Republicans, according to our journalists who paradoxically center them in their narratives, and the press is the most important institution in a democracy, but also have no influence on anything, according to the press, but getting rid of Trump is actually easy this time if they want to.

Enough elite Republicans have to treat him not just as their less preferred option, but treat him as the guy who has done all the things he did.

And the press just has to treat them like they treat most politicians - which is not give him constant attention - not as Maggie Haberman treats him.

I know people say, oh oh, most Republicans opposed him in 2016 and still he won. And, yes, sure, but it isn't 2016 anymore.

As for the press, well, WaPo is a promising start, but Chris Cillizza and Maggie Haberman we will always have with us.

These work together, of course, if Republicans talk about him as a criminal (excuse me, alleged criminal), so will the press. More.

Not saying this will happen, I just think there are people with agency and it isn't hard if they choose to use it.