Friday, November 18, 2022

The Bird App Will Be Gone And We Will All Be Free

Twitter had two main contributions to the world (well, the US, anyway): It killed the influence of Drudge, and suddenly a bunch of immensely self-important people were confronted with hundreds of people, often deservedly, calling them shitheads every day. 

By calling them shitheads, I mean often calling them shitheads backed up with good arguments. And a lot of those arguments were from people of color and other "riff raff" such as people who went to lesser schools than Harvard. 

That part broke a lot of brains, and I do think a lot of the "woke backlash" in our elite periodicals comes precisely from that. A bunch of  elite white people who thought they were smarter than everyone were called out for their bullshit, and they went completely insane.

Of course they could've just quit the bird app, but few managed to pull themselves away.

That started a bit with blogs, but they could mostly ignore blogs.