Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Things Everybody Knows

I know I've long been a Muskologist. Not because I care about the man, but because his Tesla and related transportation nonsense hit my other obsessions. Now he's hitting my other various major obsessions regarding the role of the press in misinforming the country, along with their class- and ideology-based contempt against dirty fucking hippies.

People discovering what I "knew" about Elon for years, and then still lashing out at people about criticism. You had one job Kara, and it supposedly wasn't to be Elon's unpaid (?) PR person! FIVE HOURS EARLIER (or so) ELON'S GOT A PLAN!!! The problem is you see, my critics, who are all dads, or something. YOU'RE THE STAN!!! YOU WERE ALWAYS THE STAN!!!