Saturday, January 21, 2023

Never Forget

Jonathan Alter has a dumb piece in the NYT which is,  basically, while Biden did NOTHING WRONG with classified documents, HOW COULD HE HAVE BEEN SO STUPID WHEN HE KNOWS PEOPLE LIKE ME WILL WRITE ABOUT NOTHING ELSE?

Almost there, my guy.

Alter's a reminder of just how bad the early aughts were in terms of the Discourse. Even before 9/11, but certainly after. He qualified as a "liberal" pundit (there were no liberals, only "centrists"). And he gave us the gift of torture.

First out of the gate.
In this autumn of anger, even a liberal can find his thoughts turning to... torture. OK, not cattle prods or rubber hoses, at least not here in the United States, but something to jump-start the stalled investigation of the greatest crime in American history. Right now, four key hijacking suspects aren't talking at all.

Couldn't we at least subject them to psychological torture, like tapes of dying rabbits or high-decibel rap? (The military has done that in Panama and elsewhere.) How about truth serum, administered with a mandatory IV? Or deportation to Saudi Arabia, land of beheadings? (As the frustrated FBI has been threatening.) Some people still argue that we needn't rethink any of our old assumptions about law enforcement, but they're hopelessly "Sept. 10"--living in a country that no longer exists.