Saturday, January 21, 2023


Quarterly begging bowl time.

With Lonnie killing Twitter and the latest round of media layoffs stamping out any remnants of The Professional Blogosphere, perhaps very fine blogs like this one will become fashionable again!!! 

Seriously, bring back the blog era. That was when the internet was Good, before Facebook and Google ate all the ad money and Twitter ate all (most) of the comments sections.

I have the cursed gift of long memory to offer, to remind us that the people who are horrible now have long been horrible (see post below). 

Your favorite streaming service probably sucks now, so give me that money instead!


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Begging bowl out for a week as is the custom.

Thanks to all, much appreciated!!! My daughter, Escalade, and my son, Tahoe,  need the college money!*

*not really