Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Stationary Object Problem

This whole thing is hilarious.
We parked at the spot where he hit the police S.U.V. four years earlier. There was nothing special about the road here: no strange lines, no confusing lane shift, no merge. Just a single lane of traffic running along a row of parked cars. Why the Tesla failed at that moment was a mystery.

Eventually, Key told F.S.D. to take us back to the cafe. As we started our left turn, though, the steering wheel spasmed and the brake pedal juddered. Key muttered a nervous, “OK. … ”

After another moment, the car pulled halfway across the road and stopped. A line of cars was bearing down on our broadside. Key hesitated a second but then quickly took over and completed the turn. “It probably could have then accelerated, but I wasn’t willing to cut it that close,” he said. If he was wrong, of course, there was a good chance that he would have had his second A.I.-caused accident on the same one-mile stretch of road.
Key is a Tesla fanman convinced the next version will surely do it.

It's actually kind of a familiar, reminding me of being a young nerd with an annoying computer (they were all much more annoying once, even if they are still frequently annoying now) convinced that whatever glitch I as dealing with could be solved.

Except my annoying computer wasn't a two ton vehicle traveling at 45MPH.